Buy Bitcoin with Western Union

Buying  Bitcoin with Western Union has always been a challenge due to the numerous scams with exchangers. It is now easy and quick to buy Bitcoin with western Union through wutopm Exchange service.  Apart from accepting credit cards, wutopm Exchange service operates 24 hours.  In addition, unlike most exchangers where buying Bitcoins with western Union limits the number of Bitcoins to buy, wutopm Exchange service allows you to purchase without limit.  On the best thing advantage of buying Bitcoins with western union using wutopm Exchange service is that your price remains reserved immediately you place an order. It does matter is the price of Bitcoin increases or decreases.  It is the fastest way of buying Bitcoins as it has no long manual authentication process or wire transfer.

To buy Bitcoins with Western Union, visit our website; and create an account.  The process of registration is fast and simple. After registration, place your order after deciding how many Bitcoins you want and how much it will cost you suing our online calculator. After placing an order, you will verify it by uploading a copy of your identity card. However, you will never repeat the process again as it is a onetime verification process for your wallet.

Now proceed to complete your order after sending the payment using western union, forward the reference number and fill out your details. You will have been done. Our support team will review your order and send Bitcoins to your wallet.

The difference between wutopm Exchange service and other exchangers is that you will receive the payment within 30 minutes while elsewhere it will take a day.  In case you get any problem while navigating the page; our friendly customer will be ready to help you. They will guide you step by step until you are done.

You can also buy Bitcoins with WU on wutopm Exchange service website. Just decide the amount of Bitcoins you want to buy and make payments with the western union. Send an email with you reference number and indicate WU to Btc. Indicate the address of your wallet and your details. The support will get back to you immediately, verify and send the Bitcoins to your wallet.